Project Activities

September 2021 Final Meeting in Rome where the partners met for the last time to conclude their activities and discuss impact of the project, its way forward after the end of its lifetime and future cooperation.


August 2021 Multiplier Event in Antalya organised by Akdeniz University to share the results and outputs of the project with regional and local players in education including decision makers and providers of vocational education and training.

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August 2021 Multiplier Event in Lugoj where trainers from Vocational Education and Training and local decision makers in education and employment were invited to get to know the results and outcomes of the ErasmusBUS project.

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July 2021 Multiplier Event in Burgos where the partner Salesianos Pedro Aramburu presented the results and outputs of the project within its local and regional network of stakeholders and players in Vocational Education and Training.


February 2020 Students Mobility from Salesianos Padre Aramburo to Malta hosted by VisMedNet Association where students participated in the Work and Learn programme following workshops and distance learning during their internships in the automotive sector.

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December 2019 Work and Learn Experience in Malta for the students from the Antalya Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School hosted by VisMedNet Association and employers offering them a work experience in the automotive sector.

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November 2019 first Students Mobility from Lugoj to Malta for the start of the mobilities and the Work and Learn experience as part of putting theory into practice for innovative dynamics in vocational education and training.


June 2019 Interim Meeting in Burgos, Spain where the partners met for the second time to plan training content and establish the format for bite size learning on the fundamentals of technical design for the automotive sector


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November 2018 Kick off Meeting in Antalya, Turkey where the partners met for the first time to start up project activities and plan the coming months. The meeting was hosted by Akdeniz University and the Antalya Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.


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