Training Module

EB1ErasmusBUS produces content and resources for a training module ECTS levelĀ 5 on electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and mechanical engineering technical design that has been tested with students and professionals in the automotive industry and the visual and text resources apt for self-learning both by students and professionals as well as by trainers in VET, Adult and Higher Education.

In this way ErasmusBUS introduces Modular Learning in the automotive sector with a view to later easily transferring the practice to other sectors thanks to the modular training methodology. It introduces a module that widens knowledge of trainers and students in the automotive sector but this module can also be used to widen knowledge in carpentry, fibre glass manufacture and other crafts / industries.

The practice of modular learning in VET started in ErasmusBUS knows no limits to its application and the benefits are endless. The project takes up the practice of Bespoke Training adapting training from other disciplines to independent modules for many audiences.

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